Car rental service in Hrodna

Up to date and comfortable cars (2017-2019)
Lowest prices (from 45 BYN./day)
Lowest rental deposit
All cars are equipped with air conditioning
All clients are insured

No borders
Our cars have no problem with customs control pass.
Need a driver?
Every car can be easily provided with our driver. Bus tours are also assisted by us.
Wedding processions
A joyful event in life, many close people have gathered and everyone needs to be brought in comfortably ?! Our company will organize a wedding procession or complement it.
In order for the trip to bring maximum pleasure, you need to think about how to get comfortably. We organize transfers to anywhere, including to airports both in Belarus and abroad.
Cargo transportation
You can’t lift the heavy, but our cars can! We will help you deliver the goods to the desired point.
Free toll roads
Foreign car owners pay for travel on the highways of Belarus. Renting our cars, we get rid of these problems.
Your safety
On request, we will provide a car with a child seat and a navigator absolutely free.

Any questions?

Just leave your number and we give you a call!